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Sewer/Storm Line Hydrojet

Hydrojetting is the best way to get your lines cleared since hydrojetting clears the entire circumference of the line. Hydrojetting can chew through both roots and grease clogs and is safe for both storm and sewer lines that are not broken. 


Sewer/Storm Line Snaking

Another method of clearing your sewer lines and drains. Snaking can be effective for roots but it is recommended for severe root issues and any type of sludge or grease that hydrojetting be used to clear the lines.


Sewer/Storm Line Camera and Issue Location

Are you having constant issues with your sewer line draining? Have Jimmy Snakes camera your sewer line to check the condition as well as locate where issues are present. 




Wrench, tool
Wrench, tool
Wrench, tool

Commercial Sewer/Storm Line Cleaning

Call us today to have your sewer or storm lines hydrojetted. Have a need for regular scheduled maintenance? Be sure to talk to us about your needs and how contracting with Jimmy Snakes for regular, scheduled maintenance can be beneficial to your sewer line health. 


Emergency Plumbing Repair

Drain lines leaking? Sewer issues? Waterline leaks? Contact us today to schedule service.

Sewer Line Smoke Testing

Do you smell sewer gas in your home? Are you a DIYer that just needs to know where the break or issue is? Contact us today to have a sewer smoke test completed. We block off the sewer line and force non-toxic smoke through the system so you can physically see where the break is in the line.


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